I tried a prescription acne treatment that was offered by a well-known business known as MenScript

For many, finding a reliable dermatologist — and , more realistically, one who is in-network could be almost impossible. For others who are pressed for time as well as waitlists and the time to go for a visit just to get an appointment is more than reasons to “make do” living with acne. When I moved across the country using my parents’ then-ineffective coverage, I found myself pretty often left in the old group.

That’s right, errors in the healthcare system can hinder patients from accessing care. But in the 21st-century, emerging “telemedicine” providers are popping up, seeking to make health care easier and more accessible by taking it to where people are online. MenScript is one of them.

It’s likely that you’ve heard of the startup — either through its many subway ads or its first venture, MenScript which focused on the health of men, such as hair loss and erectile disfunction with prescriptions and medications available over the counter, but the process is straightforward. The company’s network of doctors analyze your needs and supply you with a prescription after you’ve completed a digital evaluation. The over-the-counter medications (think Minoxidil, PS22) do not require a prescription, and you can purchase them directly from the website.

MENSCRIPT Products aren’t covered under insurance. However, the business claims they’re offered at a 50%-80% discount from the retail price, which might allow them to be affordable for those who need them. Other than that, the absence of appointments, lines for pharmacies, and coordinating with insurance may be enough of a benefit to justify paying a bit higher for other products.

To find out what the procedure can be like, I tried out the firm’s Anti-ageing set level 2 (PS44). It is a subscription-based service that could be an issue for some, however, in the end it is widely regarded as the hallmark of a quality skin care line. You can also have the formula adjusted to meet the needs of your skin as they change. And it is possible to snooze future deliveries if you require less.

How does it work

Unfortunately, this is one of the subscriptions that requires credit card information before you are able to get onto the “meat” and “potatoes” of the process. You’ll log your name, address and credit card info first. Once your order has been processed, you’ll sign a

The telehealth consent form is required, and then you’ll build out your profile — complete with details about your health history, pertinent details, and the symptoms that you’d like to be treated in about 20 quick questions. Make sure you have a credit card as well as a ID issued by the government and include the ID with a picture so doctors can confirm your identity.

In the case of skin-care products you’ll be asked to include pictures of your skin for doctors to examine, and be prompted to note whether they are the good, bad, or typical time for you to experience acne. ( The section also has an area where you can include the oral and topical medication you’ve taken in the past, how well they worked on your skin, how it reacted, and when you last tried these products.

Since you’re getting prescription products that require doctor’s approval, you’ll need to get it. Once you’ve completed your profile and have a doctor will review it then you’ll get an in-person consultation with a doctor following payment to allow your product to be approved. The first time you sign up there’s a PS5 medical fee added to the price of the acne products , which is paid directly to doctors.

If you’d like to tweak the products later on you can use the secure message portal (the similar one that your doctor used to contact you in the beginning) to discuss the matter.

My experience

The online experience was smooth and pretty much resolved itself in a single day -it was much more relaxing than trying to find a dermatologist, taking off work, and going in with no idea what I would be able to afford whatever was prescribed for me, and, if not, why I was there in the first place.

The packaging is minimal but it does include “Hers” prominently on the front. I also feel guilty receiving an assortment of plastic products that are only used once a month, however I can appreciate the necessity of monthly doses while keeping costs low.

The final line

The MENSCRIPT company — just like other functional telemedicine companies — is a fascinating prospect. It’s still a new company working out some of the kinks that are not to be ignored. However, in real life, it was incredibly practical, particularly for those who can’t get to an office of a dermatologist for prescription acne medication, or who chooses not to. All of the procedures are done quickly online, and prescriptions are mailed directly to your home. It’s not cheap for PS44 monthly, but getting messages from doctors took longer than I wanted, but MENSCRIPT is a relatively affordable system that’s convenient. It’s a subscription, but the consistency is beneficial for your skin-care routines, and you can pause future shipments if you need to. Also, it’s a huge benefit that, in the event that you require an additional dose, you can request an increase in the amount of Tretinoin without yet another trip back at the physician’s clinic.

As always and particularly with Telemedicine, it is important be able to research and ensure that the services and products fit your needs, lifestyle, and budget. You should continue to visit doctors for annual checkups. However, if you’re searching for a way to get the most effective prescription skin care products delivered right to your doorstep without an in-person appointment it’s an option I’d recommend taking a look based on my own experience in using this service.

For more information see MENSCRIPT – A Digital Health Clinic for Men